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autistic child" is the▓ result of a tremendous effort by their family and by the child themselves. Research suggest▓s that family members, especially parents of autistic children, face the same pressure levels as so

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vention method. If you see problematic behaviors of autistic people, please do not gaze at or discriminate them.If your child happens to be▓ a classmate of an autistic child, please instruct ▓them to provide the necessary help and care to their peer.If you see a kid hanging around alone for a long time and they do not know how to answer your questions, you shou▓ld call the police for assistance immediately. Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us 

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on WechatClassroom in WardClassroom in WardClassroom i▓n Ward03-26-2018 15:41 BJTBEIJING, March 25 (Xinhua)▓ -- The children are aged from 2 to 14 an▓d their classroom always smells of di▓sinfectant.They all wear masks; most have no or thinning hair.They are leukemia children.About 10,000 to 15,000 Chinese children are diagnosed with leukemia each year, most of th

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